The Daily Lego project finds the whimsy in everyday objects

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That’s a lot friendlier-looking than the Minifig cosplay from this year’s Comic-Con.


I downloaded an update and it bricked my Lego! Help, how do I fix it!


perhaps I am the only person in all of Boing Boingdom who feels this way but I am so fucking sick of anything related to legos that I can’t see straight. ( maybe I can’t see straight cause I’m gay but thats a different issue.) Every time they think of some new pointless way to mold plastic into a way to shoe horn money into their pockets Boing Boing praises the new discovery as if it could cure cancer or relieve world hunger. Semi-clever ways to make plastic slightly resemble something other than plastic just fails to excite me. For all of you who just love that crap I’m happy for you. Just wait til you find tinkle toys or erector sets!..You’ll be damp with delight i’m sure.

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I believe that was indeed the original slogan.


Whoops… a bit Freudian I guess…kind of fitting too.

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You know you were thinking it.

Tastes like asparagus.


Don’t need that!

I think that should be tinker toys. Unless you’re Trump of course.

Oh sure BoingBoing loves all kinds of alternate sexuality until it involves DJT.

Yep, I’m perfectly exactly representative of everyone here including you. And hiring prostitutes to practice this fetish on a bed to somehow show superiority to Obama is perfectly normal. /sarcasm

Maybe it was just my era…

In the 70’s, I grew up with a huge box of Lego(s?)…

Just the pix from this story reminded me of childhood & made me laugh.

I never had an Erector set though: And by the time I knew what they were, I was old enough to work on my ‘erectors’… :wink:

…and for those of us who never actually grew up to get a fucking life already… I’m right now building a big model of the Enterprise, using mostly papercraft, but also lego and erector set pieces. Just because these are the most convenient things on hand, I suppose.

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