Human-sized 3D-printed LEGO knight helmet

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Be the minifig you want to see in the world.


Any 90’s kids around?



I see these modern mini-figs with their stupid grinning faces and I just want to melt them down into ABS goo.

They all look like they belong on a Dreamworks movie poster.

Lego published a free asset pack for Unity which includes many Lego-created 3D models of their pieces. Presumably one could use extract that data for printing purposes?

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Much better than the angry faces. This year’s City advent calendar not only featured numerous cops with grimaces, but handcuffs, dynamite, a jailhouse and an apparent bank robbery and possible airport heist out of The Killing. Really not happy with where Lego is going lately.

Apparently, I’m not alone in my frustration.

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