Great deal on LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

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I have to be honest: this seems like some sort of torture for children. Yes, it’s right there. Yes, it is Lego.
No, you cannot play with it.


Also the hardcore ship-in-a-bottle folks would consider this “cheating” given that the bottle can be disassembled… Isn’t the “how’d they get that in there?” part of the magic of a SIAB (yes, folks, let’s get this new l33t term going)?


We have a few of the “look, don’t touch” sets…the trick is to overwhelm the kiddos with enough other Lego, that these seem boring in comparison.

“Space shuttle! Pirate ship! Elephant rescue center! Who needs a ship in a bottle?!?! Pew pew pew!”


im gonna totally sound like and old curmudgeon here but here i go anyway: anyone else feel like it’s cheating that so many modern lego sets have these smooth faced shapes customized to the set. like it seems like a new thing the past few years. even like 10 years ago almost all the pieces in a lego set were more traditional shapes with the buttons on top. Im a lot more impressed with cool stuff made from the limited basic shapes than these new ones.

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So your solution to the Lego problem is. . .more Legos. . .I’m beginning to feel like the only winner here is Lego corp.

I win in that the kiddos don’t mess with my Lego sets…plus more Lego to play with overall.

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