Watch this speed build of a LEGO ship in a bottle

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Now I want to see it made in a non-LEGO bottle


here you go, this video is BB worthy…


I found that hugely unimpressive – snapping together a bunch of pieces of plastic that were meant to be snapped together in exactly that way – and the result is just a low-resolution ship model with a clear plastic container assembled around it. Is there some kind of Lego-Fu that I’m missing here? Building a realistic model of a real ship in a real bottle is a difficult and engrossing task; this is nothing like that.


Watch the second video - so much better than the first!!! The young man does a really top notch job of explaining and demonstrating, and it’s obvious how much time and :heart: was put into it.


@AndreaJames oh please do make a post with the DELIGHTFUL video provided by @Sqyntz! I just watched the second half (the speed build) and it truly is a "Wonderful Thing"©

My OCDness was triggered by all of the non-squared up 1 stud pieces.

That’s in my post! GMTA!

That’s already in my post!

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my humble apologies…I didn’t scroll far enough.


A friend of mine had one of these in the 70s. Impressive, until you find that the bottom of the bottle screws off.

I saw it there, I just thought it deserved the lead :grin:


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