Golden Girls LEGO set may become a reality. Thanks, internet!


It’d be great if we could get the same support for this sort of thing as well.

Man, Bea Arthur used to do it for me.

I would have thought there’d be no reason for this to be LEGO. There aren’t even really that many studs visible. It seems to me you would merely “build” it according to instructions (are there really that many things to put together here?) and then gaze at it admiringly. But then, I’m sure this isn’t even remotely the first LEGO set of this nature.

I also can’t help but think of all the many other things that the Internet has gotten hyped about that didn’t translate into real dollars. (Never forget Snakes on a Plane.)

huh huh.

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What, no lanai?

I have no problem with the idea, but it does look like it is based on the US legal system. No love for British barristers and judges?

I’m pretty sure it’s the three female justices on the US supreme court

It used to be. But Lego deemed that “too political” so it’s now “three judge type persons who happen to be female.”

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