Animation: "Pipe Dream," AniMusic (2011)

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That was great.

2011? Try 2001. Maybe older.

There was an E-mail circulating at one point that claimed this was an actual apparatus constructed by the University of Iowa. (And what’s worse, it came with a truncated video that ended at the windchimes.) Snopes links to an apparatus constructed by Intel which, coincidentally enough, dates to 2011.

I keep meaning to check out the other videos in the series one way or another.


Seriously, I saw this on VHS at my pal Thor’s house in 1996, pretty sure.

It looks very Amiga.

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Yeah, I remember it from ages ago, and it screams 90s.

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Oh thank God.

I was sitting here thinking, “No way. There is no way those balls are real. Am I supposed to believe those balls are real? Am I a jerk if I am filled with doubt? What ever happened to sensitive dependence on initial conditions?”

Oh. Does it say “animation” up there? Okay well I felt smart for about ten seconds.


I worked retail at a Best Buy store in 2002 and this animation came pe-installed on one particular high-end series of desktop (I don’t remember the brand). If memory serves, it actually rendered the video in real-time using the GPU that came factory installed on the models (though the quality didn’t match that of the YouTube video, understandably).

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Yup, the Wikipedia article says it was made for the Radeon 9700. It’s even downloadable from the version of the page. I’m rather curious as to how well it works on current hardware, if at all; I was not previously aware of its existence.

Yes, someone sent me one of those emails, and I still have the video. It does indeed cut off abruptly at the chimes. And I remember looking it up on Snopes, because there was no way it could be real.

Of course, the friend who sent me the email continued to send me more stuff like that, no matter how many times the content of their emails got debunked. :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t this ancient? I’m pretty sure this pre-dates Reboot.

I just installed and successfully ran it on my ASUS G74SX laptop with a GeForce 560M and Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview. No trickery required.Thank you for the link! The actual real-time demo was a bigger trip down memory lane than the video was.

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It is indeed. Which one would notice if they read the previous 10 posts talking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember watching this back in the day, and thinking how friggin cool it was to live in the future. If the me from back then could see the computer that me-of-today carries around in his pocket, he would probably die from geek bliss.

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Pipe Dream by Wayne Lytle - Published 2001

Personally, WORK IN PROGRESS is my favorite from SIGRAPH 2001.

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