SYQEL is an AI-powered audio visualizer for your music, and it's on sale for $50

Originally published at: SYQEL is an AI-powered audio visualizer for your music, and it's on sale for $50 | Boing Boing

WinAMP does this literally for free (legally) and far better, with a LOT of DJ controls. MilkDrop (an included, optional visualization/DJ module) is quite amazing, DJ or not. You can even (although not trivially) make your own visualizations.

Notably, WinAMP was actually the second MP3 player software released for the PC, ever, and still remains arguably among the best media players out there.


Yeah wow that is so much better than my WinAMP did in 1997.


Uhm, so does it really take AI and a $50 purchase to simulate a late 90’s screen saver?

Maybe this should be marketed as retro, for $5 or something. Not impressed with it at all. With the power of AI I’d hope one could create something less of a 20 year old cliche.

Also, not really convinced any machine learning was used in the creation of this product. If it was, then, as James Randi used to say about using alleged psychic powers to bend spoons instead of conjuring tricks, then they are doing it the hard way.


Seriously, check out WinAMP’s visualizations (there’s several of them, besides MilkDrop); they’re all actually quite interesting, and MilkDrop is frickin’ next level shit, right there =) .

Edit → I have always used WinAMP as my default music player on PCs. It’s just that damn good. It’s quite good for video, as well, although not codec-agnostic.


People really ought to remember that in most cases “AI” just means “algorithms not directly written by people”, and neither indicates complexity nor quality. Most AI is garbage, and while it might be artificial in some way, there is little trace of intelligence to be found.


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