Super-trippy interactive visualizer feels like getting high for free


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Although I like this, I can assure readers that getting high for free remains considerably better


I’m tripping my ass off.


what’s F11 on a mac? just turns down my volume :slight_smile:


Wow. This algorithm (or one very like it) was pretty much the first thing I coded up when I got my Amiga back in the day. Wasn’t very interactive though – took like an hour to fill the screen with a frame…


been dreaming this kind for some more euros


Boing Boing welcomes you to the internet of 2013!

Seriously though, we project movies in our backyard in the summer and this has been perfect for intermission.


I was going to suggest fn+f11, but that just does something else. If you’re using safari control+⌘+f should toggle full screen.


Better is the projectM Music Visualizer. This is the Android version of the famous Milkdrop visualizer for WinAmp. It has built-in GoogleCast capabilities, and can react to whatever music is playing on your android device.


My God… It’s full of carpets…


Try crossing your eyes on full screen.


Oh, I did that. Now I’m just trying to to get get them them uncrossed uncrossed.


what is really odd, the android version works on my OLD needs battery replaced nook running android 4 but not my phone running 5 or the new nook running 6.


Insanely cool and mesmerizing…


That cost me a quarter.



Well if you take the right drugs at the same time, it’ll definitely feel like getting high.

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