HX-01: a feature-length journey in psychedelic space


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had a look at the kickstarter - yep, it’s groovy work, and the cards and stickers are beautiful, but i just don’t get why it’s got to be a video - seems like software could handle both the images and sounds - then it could go on forever


I liked the part at 6:20.


Yeah, maybe I should start taking acid again after 25 years. That might help us survive the years to come.


i liked the part at 4:20


A full-length short?


that was cool, makes want a 60" screen to have it showing on repeat all day.


I’m encouraging all of my friends, including those who are parents, to have a psychedelic experience in 2017. We all need a reminder that this is just a ride, now more so than ever.


Agreed. Electric Sheep did this years ago and better imo.


someday robots will take my job, but not yet hopefully


oh, hey! - don’t get me wrong, I really liked it - you could write the software too :wink:


ProjectM - the stand-alone version of the MIlkdrop music visualizer. It responds to whatever music you’re playing.


ok, that will be my next project…


in the future all art will be generative. it will be auto-posted on the internet and blogged about by automated blog-bots. comment bots will automatically comment on the posts. only then will the humans be free


It looked into my soul.

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