Trippy tune from 1973: The Mystic Moods - Cosmic Sea




the point is the music, not the video–so what’s wrong with a still shot?


Was this connected in any way with the Mystic Moods Orchestra, which put out a series of instrumental-with-sound effects-mixed-in LPs back in the 70s? Or just a chance use of the same name?


Not 100% sure if same band, but see full vinyl LP details at


My parents have a ton of Mystic Moods Orchestra from the late 60’s, early 70’s when I was young. They had them all on reel-to-reel (the hipster format of the day). I didn’t really appreciate it until I just listened to this one.


Oh yeah, I have the One Stormy Night one; it’s pretty good.




Yes, same band, in a sense-- it was actually more of a studio project. Most of their albums are ridiculously cheesy orchestral music with occasional spoken word or sound effects. This one is perhaps the “hippest” one by today’s standards (it was used by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist in one of their live mixes a few years ago), but other than this song the rest of it is typical Mystic Moods elevator music. The LP with the weird space embryo cover is also kinda cool (“Extensions”), and the LP “Being With You” also has one funky tune, though it’s not as great as this one.


As far as I know, it’s the same people producing it. I believe they used “house musicians” for the assorted albums and it started out as a way to use sound effects for fun. Kind of grew beyond that but both the original style and this “funkified” couple of albums they did int he 70’s remain among my very favorite (and some of the hardest *** things to find on CD…one album was done in DTS stereo and just finding a bloody system that would pay that took me months. I’d likely do strange things to get more ofthis stuff in MP3 format.)


contrast with Detroit’s Ju-Par label orchestra’s Moods and Grooves lp. Finding doubles of this, one of which was the OG private press version, in separate thrift stores 4 states apart was one of my biggest crate-digging triumphs

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