Music: "I Had Too Much To Dream," The Electric Prunes (1967)


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Who was that? Merv?

Mike Douglas. DUH.

What a crime it is that so many classic performances by so many artists from this era exist only on crummy video tapes that have deteriorated so badly over the years. I realize that video wasn’t being shot in the same definition that we have today, but GEEZ wouldn’t it be nice to see some of these spots nice and relatively sharp and . . . just . . . BETTER?


Remember when the musical guest on SNL was someone you never heard of before?


Wonder what would have happened to these guys if david axelrod had gotten all ambitious with them

Their 2006 album ‘Feedback’ wasn’t bad!

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Those get-ups! Did these guys just escape from a monastery, or what?

I actually have the 2-EP set ‘Psychedelic Unknowns’ somewhere around here, likely deteriorating in storage, so yeah.

Reflection of the times. Today’s fashions will be ridiculed in the future.

I always thought it was ‘too much to drink’ >.<

That’s how I heard of Sparks and Leon Redbone. Actually, I would put Power Station in here, as well. IIRC they were on SNL before their record actually came out; at the time I didn’t know who Robert Palmer was, nor that members of Chic and Duran Duran were involved.

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Obligatory cover version:

At first glance I thought the title of this article was

Music: I Had Too Much Prunes

… yeah, I can imagine what it sounds like.

Mike Douglas was the squarest looking and sounding guy on TV, but he had exquisite musical taste.

I like that clip of Gene Simmons as a guest on his show.

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