Just a clown singing Pinball Wizard to the tune of Folsom Prison Blues


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The only clown I like.


I will need an extra drink tonight to sleep through the nightmares.


Yup. I know what’s haunting my dreams tonight.


Turns out, Puddles has some golden tonsils o.O’ . It’s an interesting musical exercise, as well, and a tribute to both songs’ enduring quality.

And I’m saying that as a person who isn’t particularly fond of clowns ^^’.


And Lourde’s favorite cover of ‘Royals’ as well:


I liked listening, that was really good. Listening only, because no one should ever dress up as a clown for any reason ever.

On the topic of mashup’s, there’s this awesome band called Umphrey’s McGee that runs in the “jam band” universe and they do some great ones. And killer covers when the time calls for it as well. And then one orginal from Red Rocks.


first time I heard this done was at a Bill Kirchen show… and just like then, I think it’s great.


No disrespect to Big Mike Geier, but I suspect none of us would give him a second thought without the gimmick and that get up.


I’m just going to ask the obvious question: is Puddles seeking apprentices or merely adoring fans? Because either way I’m in.


Sure, but is he wearing a Betty Boop costume under the clown shirt?


God, I hope so; a just universe demands it!


Now I want to hear Folsom Prison Blues to the tune of Pinball Wizard.


So… this would not be your ideal of participatory performance?

And you, @SpunkyTWS, you should have gone out for coffee that morning!


Probably not, which is a shame. I for one am glad he hit on the idea and got the exposure.


He’s a fun act to watch live. Lots of audience participation, too.


If I had gone out for coffee that morning I never would have come back. And that’s less than a quarter of a mile from where I work.

A side note: Fido Coffee Shop is so named because it’s in a former pet store. The owners kept the original sign.


That was wonderful.


In a similar vein, the lyrics to Mary Had a Little Lamb sync up perfectly to the music from House of the Rising Sun, which makes for a really nice gimmick if you ever get roped into karaoke night.