Puddles the clown takes no prisoners on America's Got Talent


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Puddles has got talent.


Lately I’ve started to think that I’m getting too old to be a hipster. But I just felt that old familiar, bittersweet pang of watching something you enjoyed become popular, and I caught myself thinking, “Oh great, now all of my bougie Facebook acquaintances are going to be posting Puddles videos.”

So I got that going for me, which is nice.


This made me so happy. Puddles on American’s Got Talent is the perfect f-ed up juxtaposition.


I hadn’t been taking American’s Got Talent seriously, but now they’ve managed to snag a class act like Puddles, perhaps I should give them more attention?


Well of course that happened, what did you expect, heathen?!!


So…is there a video of Simon and the others voicing their opinions? That would complete the alternate universe firmament fragmentation wherein Puddles invades the actual, rather than internet/youtube, pop culture.


Just brilliant.


And thus, Puddles rose to fame and power. And from there on, things could only go downhill.


From the looks on their faces, it seems the judges hadn’t heard of Puddles before. Are they really that far out of the loop? He’s been really popular for a while. http://www.puddlespityparty.com/


My go to Puddles jam is Royals.


I like puddles videos and all. But americas got talent? The crowd reactions? The judges reactions? I’m calling bullshit.

There is no way in hell none of them hadn’t gotten a taste of puddles singing before. Just no. Reality tv scripted bullshit.


100% agreed. I thought they’d brought in Puddles as a ringer, given how well known he is. He’s huge on YouTube and Facebook, tours constantly, appears at tons of very well known festivals, and is performing at the Kennedy Center. The looks of “oh my gosh a clown that can sing? WHO KNEW!??” are so fake here.


The genius of Puddles is that he’s a crying-on-the-inside clown who goes full-bore on releasing his sorrow to the outside world.


I’ve never watched America’s Got Talent. Was there a cat walking over the video switcher during this or do they have some weird clause in their contract saying they can’t have any shot longer than five seconds?


Puddles the Clown?
All I could see was cups of fine Dunkin Donut’s coffee. :+1:




Yeah, that video’s where I first encountered Puddles… probably here on BB now I think about it

Oh wow, that video’s got 19million views


Leaving is a option? What about that BB drone that follows me all the time?

  1. Puddles is a genius with an amazing voice
  2. I am old enough and out of the loop enough to have absolutely no clue as to what the original song was/sounded like
  3. I am old enough and protective enough of my lawn to want to swearingly ask WTF is it with these moronic fuckwit audiences that they’d rather scream and shout and whoop than actually, you know, listen to the effing performance and pay the performer some effing respect? That performance would have been a hundred times more powerful and affecting if it had been listened to rather than shouted over.