Puddles Pity Party lovingly covers David Bowie's 'Life on Mars'


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Around the 4:00 minute mark was when i got some serious chills, the very last few words in the song. Wonderful performance :slight_smile: Thank you for sharing!


He’s so amazing. I wonder if he’ll ever come out from behind the clown white?



Fantastic. Not better or worse than the original. I can appreciate both in different ways.


That’s interesting, but when is Puddles going to speak?


Only when he appears at the foot of your bed after midnight.


Not to make a direct comparison, but I think at this point it would be like Kiss without the costumes and the kabuki makeup. I, for one, would be disappointed. Even tho my general reaction to clowns is closer to Clownhouse than anything else. And, really, who would you rather go see: Vincent Damon Furnier OR Alice Cooper.


I’ve started seeing interviews of Teller from Penn and Teller, where he speaks, so maybe anything is possible, but I don’t think Puddles will ever speak. He’s expressive enough as it is.

And boy, is this song ever an earworm. I’ve been humming or whistling it all day.


Teller has been willing to give interviews for a while. I recall seeing things a decade or more ago. Weirdly most of those interviews or speaking bits were exclusively on the subject of performance and magic. The interesting thing there is he has for a long time seemingly been willing to lecture or instruct on his art in the right context. But unwilling to break character otherwise. Personally I think that’s groovy.

I don’t much like the backing track. And something seems a bit lacking in the vocal recording vs. most of Puddle’s vids. Less reverb. Seems a bit lighter on the lows/bass. But the performance is as always damn.damn damn good.


I can’t help but think that Puddles needs a horn section.


Why not both? Take off the makeup and it might be interesting to interview Gene Simmons. Okay, maybe not Gene Simmons, but you get my point. He’s an actor playing a role. Sometimes it’s interesting to hear from the actor.


Simmons made quite a fun villain in the Tom Selleck film, “Runaway”.

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