Puddles Pity Party covers "War Pigs"

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I love Puddles Pity Party, but I’m sticking with the original.


There is something about “Puddles” that I just can’t stand. I have no idea if his voice is ok or not. The presentation, the whole clown routine just destroys anything he does. It’s not coulrophobia although there is something about Puddles himself that really does creep me out.


We met him in character, he stays in character the whole time but he is a very gentle and kind person. His live show is amazing. He does not speak when you meet him, it’s his thing.

We have photos with him, I’m 5’10" and he towers over me.

I look forward to me wanting to go to live shows again, Puddles and Randy Rainbow are the top of my list.


Randy Rainbow is great. Great voice, superb snark and his scalpel of insight has no mercy. His routine works. Whoever puddles is in real life could well be someone I value but that whole sad clown thing just doesn’t cut it for me.

I’m with you. I tend to keep that opinion to myself, because most of the crowd I run with, both irl and online, tend to love him. I do not. And that’s ok. We don’t all have to find the same things cool and interesting.


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