Mason Reese and Leonard Nimoy on The Mike Douglas Show


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Title of this link should have definitely been “Leonard Nimoy’s Suit on The Mike Douglas Show.”


Things were pretty grim for the crew of Enterprise until the first Star Trek movie, and Nimoy was probably grateful for the snacks in the green room.


Leonard’s suit made me turn the video off.


Not entirely apropos at all, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t use this opportunity to post the following, in case anyone missed it before…


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Yep, Mason Reese used to be a household name, but whenever I mention him now all I get are blank stares.

Thank you for sharing the aural equivalent of Mr. Nimoy’s pants.

I think Mason used to own a bar on the upper west side of Manhattan. I used to go there all the time, and see him there on occasion. I always remember him as “the borgasmord kid.” Seems like a nice guy - I think he even let my roommate film in his bar once.

Where are they now?

His wikipedia page doen’t have much detail

…and the encore (at 1:10):


Anything else I was going to say about this went right out the window when I saw that suit…

Man, the 70s. Sheesh.

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I have no idea why, but I think that bears repeating.

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It would be a really great name for a rock band, but only from Seattle.

Man, I remember watching this as a kid, I was fascinated because we were about the same age.
I seem to remember an episode of Mike Douglas where Mason was announcing it was going to be his last time on the show and cried like crazy and it freaked me out a little bit. I thought something horrible had happened. :smile:

Between his suit and the dance moves on that video…don’t know whether to request a unicorn chaser or simply a strong shot of whiskey.

The 80’s were WAY worse overall for clothes. And music… And hair.

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I find Mason’s reaction in the second video to be compelling and illuminating (at least in my imagination).

For a child of that age to so fully comprehend the sadness of this song speaks to a precocity not just of verbal fluency, but of awareness of inter-generational regret.

So, Mark, now can we please have a video staring Rodney Allen Rippy?

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Clearly, Nimoy had been touched by the Levis Stranger.

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It’s the ideal suit to match with these styles:

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