Hey, Let's Call the Cast of Star Trek


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Pretty sure it was MCI that brought the suit that broke up the Bell system.




You know I’d complain about the fact it’s mono and only out of one speaker channel, but at least it isn’t interlaced horribly.


MCI - We’ve got more telemarketers than we have technicians.

MCI - Friends and Family - Otherwise known as let’s pressure our friends and family to switch to MCI so we can save on long distance.

It has been years since the cost of a long distance call factored into whether I would call someone. Of course, between that time and now the number of people I choose to talk to on the phone has gone to single digits. So, even if it was 10¢ a minute, it probably wouldn’t factor in.


It’s been years since I had a phone with one of those twisty cords.


I know - Even my last “Home Phone” (Western Electric 302) has a straight cord from the Handset to the base.

I really should try to get that set up again for VOIP…



I worked in customer service at MCI when these ads ran. Because of the regulations around celebrity endorsement, the cast members all actually had to have accounts (even if they didn’t use them) so I was able to look up all of their phone numbers and addresses (some had their agency or accountant addresses), although I never got up the nerve to call any (I am sure employees can’t easily do that anymore. Security and privacy weren’t such a big deal back then. Should have been, but weren’t. Of course if I had called one of them and they complained, I would have been fired, but it was easy to get the phone numbers and addresses of anyone). Nimoy had service with MCI before the ads ran, and in fact, had accounts in both California and New York. I spoke to James Doohan’s wife since he switched their land line to MCI and didn’t tell her. She was pretty upset when the first bill came in until I explained that he needed an account because he endorsed the product. She may have still been mad at him, but at least she stopped yelling at me :slight_smile:


I remember this.

I think there was another ad featuring the cast of Gilligan’s Island.


Hell yeah, THIS. What an abomination of a film. Worst icon-death in popular entertainment history,



Anyway his performances were not memorable and he sort of faded into the background on that show, especially alongside LEONARD NIMOY THE BEST ACTOR IN STAR TREK HISTORY SHUT UP HE WAS THE BEST THING ABOUT THAT SHOW IF YOU WERE A REAL FAN OF STAR TREK YOU WOULDN’T CARE THAT BILL WAS BEING MARGINALISED!!!




Didn’t Star Trek: Generations have some kind of tie-in promo with what was billed as the “world’s largest conference call” ? I recall some sort of contest at the time inviting viewers to “Tell us why you want to win a chance to speak with the Captains!”





I hate to bring this up, but ST V: The Mass Hallucination is the worst abomination of a film. Followed closely by Nemesis.

Generations comes in third, but it was watchable to me, for a time. I don’t look it up anymore. That missile taking like 30 seconds to reach the star from Soran’s planet was ridiculous, but I don’t know how they could’ve gotten around that cinematically.


Haven’t seen ST: V.

Into Darkness was worse than Nemesis, which, in turn, isn’t that far ahead of Insurrection. Although Insurrection and Genesis are fairly even, so I can see putting the latter as worse than the former.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that, other than your exclusion of Into Darkness, I agree with your list.


“Row, Row, Row your boat” – they actually have a scene where they sing it around a campfire as a round in V.