The strange history of Disney's cyber-psychedelic "Computers Are People Too"




OMG! My you tube video was posted to Boing Boing by Cory!



I’d still like an explanation for this one


An explanation?.. for the best song in the history of the universe!!! Is one really needed? haha oh man, that song really made my day.


Simple explanation: the version you remember and love was on the 12", clocking in at nearly 6 minutes. What you have posted above is closer to the 7" single version running a measly 4:18. Disappointing, I know.


THAT was the equation!


Can’t give you one - I liked the song better the first time around.


I like computers.


I’d like to thank this documentary for introducing me to the force of nature that is Michael Iceberg.


Ha! I have Michael “Iceberg”'s LP, it was sold at Disneyworld. One of the true gems of vanity records out there. Equal parts live lounge singer, comedy, and analog synth blowout.


This brings back some memories…In the 80’s I went to Siggraph every year. In the 70’s, when I was a ski bum/musician in Snowmass, Colorado, I was lucky enough to see Michael Iceberg set up and play a few times at “The Last Resort”. I agree with the “force of nature” comment above. Iceberg was amazing! He displayed great musicianship while simultaneously operating an extremely complex collection of machinery, singing, and carrying on a comedy routine. He would spend quite a while every night tuning and repairing his kit before his set. I have always loved Mellotrons and his beat-up Chamberlin was heaven to my ears…



Thanks for posting that, that rendition of Baroque Hoedown was out there.

I wore out the Magic Kingdom Main St. Electrical Parade record playing that part over and over as a kid.


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