Kermit the Frog and the Electric Mayhem perform Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime"


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The Critics at the end make the whole video.




Oh god he’s so off-key owwwwwwwww


It’s too bad the recent show 1) kind of sucked, and 2) improved too slowly and too late to avoid cancellation. The world needs Muppets, now more than ever before.


Ahh, Muppets Tonight. I remember that. It wasn’t particularly good.

Oh look, there’s an “extended” Tom Hanks version from his new movie, “A Hologram for the King”.

The movie sadly does not come anywhere near fulfilling the potential of that first minute, alas.


They always did, even if a skit otherwise fell flat. But that show was killer and I wish the new one had brought back its sensibilities.


If I were to be fully honest, The Critics were and are my favorite Muppet characters. Sorry, Beaker and Animal, you guys are tied for second.


A fun memory, but still can’t reach the levels of Animal singing “Momma!” over and over again on Bohemian Rhapsody.


oh, statler and waldorf, i love you.


The Mayhem also have a good Jungle Boogie cover.


Well I suppose what we need is Jim Hensen.


Muppet Jim Henson?


Inspite of being dead, Jim, in his infinite creativity, beat you to it.


Yea but he rocked that suit!


Which at our household lead us back to another favorite:


It’s Pöpcørn for me. Love the Chef and the subtitles just slay it. :laughing:


Not as good as their Jungle Boogie or Coconut song but not without its charms either.


This world needs more Muppets.