The Muppets perform a remote version of "Moving Right Along"

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Old person comment - I’m not fond of the recent successor’s Kermit voice.

Video was fun though. Always liked this song.


Fozzy’s license plate is WOC KA1. Nice touch - the plate’s location is Greenville, Jim Henson’s birthplace.


This may well contain the last joke about folding a map I’ll ever hear.


Uhm if I remember correctly… I think it is Jim Henson’s son that voices Kermit now…

The lily-pad style inlays on Kerm’s fretboard are another nice touch.

Yeah the voice was a good attempt.


It’s Matt Vogel. It was Steve Whitmire, who’s been with the Muppets since the beginning, for 27 years and then Disney canned him in 2016. Vogel was basically a background puppet player for 2 decades, then slid into the lead role.

His son did do it for a while. Much like Alvin & the Chipmunks, the son’s voice was close enough to be a great fit, but Whitmire’s tone was almost note for note on Jim’s so he was the better fit.

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