Muppets cover ELO's 'Mr. Blue Sky'

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A cast-iron Muppet classic there. Thanks.


They missed an opportunity to have Animal playing a fire estinguisher, which is what is used in place of a cowbell supposedly on the recording. Also the vocal effects are made with a vocoder not a talkbox.

Here’s another amazing cover of the song, I can’t believe these guys can replicate the exact “feel” of the vocals live but they do


Wow. That was a perfect thing for Monday morning blahs.


take that, monday!

this is the first time i can recall Zoot ever actually saying anything, let alone singing, and being center of a song. good for Zoot!


And Janice really shreds that guitar.


“Forgive me Charlie Parker, wherever you are”


Who’s the yellow muppet playing the trumpet? I don’t remember that guy being in the Electric Mayhem.

That REO thing was uncanny!

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Arrived late in the original series, almost never speaks, so easy to forget.


Great vibes! But someone please help me understand what’s in Janice’s mouth, it’s so distracting!

While I love the Muppets, it’s really difficult on improve on this version:

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These guys are quite remarkable. They have done a lot of covers and they all sound great. I really love the sound of the bass on this one.

Like, fer sure man!


Was that a vaporizer that Mr. Blue was hitting on?

Needed Lust and Greed.

Is the synchronization off for everyone or just me? I dig both the Muppets and ELO, but it’s amazing how–even with puppets–bad lipsync throws me right out of the mood.

Never realized Janice was left handed.

Honest reply assuming it’s an honest question: That’s a talk box. Unlike a vocoder which had two adio inputs -one for microphone, one for instrument, the talk box is creating “talking instrument” sound using only voice input. I think of it like an effects peddle for your voice.

It seems like you might have the details muddled - a talkbox (in the video) pipes sound (generally an instrument) physically into your mouth through the tube, where you can then mouth whatever shapes/sounds/words you want. (none of your voice involved)