Listen to this compelling mash-up of 50 songs from 1979

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I really wanted to like that, but it felt more electronic than mashup to me. Instead of engaging in nostalgia, it made me realize that I wouldn’t want to go to clubs to dance anymore if that’s what the music is going to sound like.


A disservice to the music of '79.


I wanted to hear how they used Flying Lizards, Gang of Four, Joy Division, Wire and the Cure but I couldn’t tough it out. It’s slick, though.

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it’s great how well it flows, but some of it was too subtle for my ears to pick up, which i know is my own problem. the visual cues helped, but for instance i saw Chrissy Hynde but i wasn’t able to pick out the bit of Brass in Pocket they used.

Well I think it’s bloody marvellous.

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That’s a lot of work getting it all to fit together. It’s a bit confusing, but interesting nonetheless.

I regret that I have merely two thumbs to put up for this, I thought it was great.

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Bravo well done.

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Had to go and listen to

after listing to this…

It’s like a blurred memory from one or more high school parties surfacing 40 years later just after nodding off in the recliner after a hearty meal. :+1:

Did they sneak a shot from Spinal Tap in there?

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