Smells like Bee Gees, an audio experience


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Tremendous and amazing. I approve of this video.


Agreed, Australian white boy disco and US white boy rawk works sensationally

This makes it very close to the level of awesomeness of pomDeter’s

I wonder who did it? That wasn’t obvious.


It took me 30-plus years to appreciate anything about the BeeGees, and not just hate them and puke at the sound of their music. I’m still waiting for similar epiphany re: Nirvana. I know, I know, I’m slow. Don’t flame me bro.

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I went into this expecting something less… tame.

Too much Neil Cicierega has decalibrated my weirdness meters, I guess?

Best mash-up I’ve heard, as far as I can recall.

Kinda surprised someone didn’t do this five minutes after the genre was invented, though…

Didn’t like the pomDeter thing; I’ve gotta listen to the first one again to clean out my ears.

As the Youtube video is not accessible from here “because it could contain music from UMG” (yeah!), would somebody check if it is the same as:


Almost identical, but the video on this one adds so much! To think, Cobain could have saved the seventies if that darned flux capacitor had worked.

I prefer Smells like Bootylicious:

well done… but I still prefer ‘Stayin’ Hot’


I think that it is technically brilliant, but as mashups go, pretty awful.

Underscores my thesis that all pop/rock songs over the last five decades are in fact exactly the same song.

I call it the Grand Unified Theory of Pop Music.

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I never hated Nirvana, just never got them, yeah they did have some very catchy riffs but my first impression of hrmm a metal REM, whatever still sticks with me.

As Stayin’ Alive mashups go, it’s hard to top this one from Wax Audio:


Bravo! I agree with what I take as your implication – this one beats the OP’s mashup.

The video really makes it.

That’s bad ass.

It’s got some flaws, but it’s certainly the one to beat overall once it gets going with the chorus overlap, etc.

Bee Gees & Ben E. King