The Beachstie Boys, a musical mashup of The Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys

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As a huge Beach Boys stan and Beastie Boys fan, all I can say is…



Hybridization/Gag Fail.

Certainly better than this outtake of I Get Around:


I wish Shred videos hadn’t died as a form.


Best Thing Today. Best Thing This Week: Top Ten.


I’m with you. That genre had great potential and sadly died way too soon. But on the upside the few shred videos that are out there are some real classics.

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Makes me want to fire up my 2 albums worth of the Beastles. That was some good mashup…




i was prepared to find it unsatisfying, but instead the longer it went the more i loved it. that was wonderful. i wish adam yauch was here to see it – i bet he’d love it, too.


Came here to say this. Appreciate that beat me to it!

Shred videos turn me to giggling jelly.

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This one is probably my all time favorite:

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched it and it still manages to give me a stupid grin every single time.


LOL the untuned engine at the end!

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Same thought exactly. I went from “wait, it’s just some guy singing?” to “hey, this is awesome!” in not that many seconds.

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Brian Wilson seems to approve:

I agree with this assessment (Dennis had a well-deserved reputation of being the “bad boy” of the group):

This is what the interwebs were invented for. Change my mind.

Yeah that association with Charles Manson definitely contributed to his “bad boy” rep, though it also left him with lasting psychological trauma that probably contributed to his addiction problems and early death.

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Indeed. I have read that he felt a huge amount of guilt and responsibility for what Manson did and he never really got over it. Prior to that though he already had quite the reputation and I can certainly see how he would have got entangled up with the Manson Family - although it seemed like he was more in it for the sex and drugs than anything.

It’s a real shame he died so soon. He was just as musically talented as his brothers, but unfortunately he was on the losing end of his competition with Brian to see who could self-destruct first.

(I’m not going to lie though, the Manson-originated song The Beach Boys ended up doing is a real banger, but it’s doomed by the Manson taint.)

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Not without Beach Boys mashup precedent: