Charles Manson was not a good songwriter

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“are threaded into music history as metaphors for the dangerous genius”

2nd rate Jim Jones
3rd rate L. Ron Hubbard.


This song is incredible though:

Like an evil The Mamas & The Papas.


Charlie was a real Debbie Downer.


I remember laughing hysterically with my friend in middle school about the obvious insanity of a person who thought a song whose lyrics consisted solely of the phrase “you know” was an example of his supposed Lennon-like musical genius.


Who’s getting money from klicks on these?
(I really have no idea.)

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Does that mean L. Ron Hubbard was a first-rate L. Ron Hubbard?

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Not a great songwriter, but he has one thing a lot of songwriters don’t have, and that is a pretty good singing voice.

Go to any open mic night, go to any underground basement rock show in your town, and there will always be one or more singer who simply cannot hold a tune, even if he/she has decent songs.

I dunno. I have greatly enjoyed the musical genius of the band that brought us “Rock n Roll Pumpkin” .

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No - he was a third rate Heinlein.


This post is kinda creepin’ me out. Let’s not forget why Manson steered his crew to the Cielo Drive house: “Charlie picked that house to instill fear into Terry Melcher, because Terry had given us his word on a few things and never came through with them.” [per Susan Atkins]

Melcher, a producer for bands such as The Beach Boys and The Byrds, had worked with a Manson tune favored by Brian Wilson. Intrigued by the communal lifestyle at the Spahn Ranch, he had talked about recording some tracks and possibly doing a documentary on the Family…until he witnessed Charlie’s dark side (a fight with a stunt man), and bailed on the projects.

This isn’t just “bad” music – this is music that was worth horrifically murdering for, as a message and as revenge. (Yes, the Tate murders were about Manson gaining more control over his followers, teaching them “how to do it right,” etc., but this thread of Charlie’s music being dissed by industry insiders served as a compass for both the Hinman and Tate killings.)

So, yeah…funny stuff! /s


THAT does it! Now I really hate him!

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I actually used to live just down the street from those guys and partied with their neighbors. Every once in a while the party would spill over into their studio or their party into ours.

Apparently, one of the main pursuits of several of the band members was suing other members. Good times.

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Easily one of the most fun concerts I’ve been to.

A lot of talent went through that band.

I would say they are a poor mans GWAR crossbred with the piratical musical sensibilities of Ween. Ween loves to wear their influences on their sleeves, but Green Jello just rips that shit off with no shame.

Not mutually exclusive…

I genuinely think Manson’s “Clang Bang Clang” is a decent song. Prefer the Lemonheads’ interpolation of it into their “Left for Dead” tho .

Too true.

The only time I experienced the human voice as “harrowing” was at at open mic night. The singer could hold a tune, after a fashion … but my God, the sound was … harrowing … the keening of a grieving wraith … and it went on, and on, and on …!

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