Charles Manson "on deathbed"


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Uh… Thoughts and prayers?


A different time, he could have been President.


Christ, what an asshole?


I dunno. I think his exploitation of the swastika is too ironic.

Hipsters don’t win elections.


I must admit, I’m entertained by some of his songs.


Sharon Tate
August 6, 1969


Charles Manson Rushed From Hospital To Trump Tower (1/04/17)

“NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Just a matter of hours after he was rushed from a maximum security prison to a hospital, convicted serial killer Charles Manson was rushed from the hospital across the country to Trump Tower.”

“At approximately 3:36am local time,” Dr. June Smithson told reporters, “we transferred Mr. Manson from a hospital bed to a helicopter, where he was taken to the airport and put in a private jet. From there, he was flown to Trump Tower.”

“The Donald Trump administration, which has been conducting much of its business related to Mr. Trump’s transition into power as the president, released a statement acknowledging that Manson had been flown in to meet with them. While not a lot of details about the meeting were given in the statement, the Trump camp did say that Manson was the “kind of person who would fit in on Team Trump” in the statement, and it was implied that his presence was requested by one man in particular.”

“Steve Bannon had requested the chance to meet Mr. Manson,” the statement read, “because he shares an affinity for German symbols of the 1930s and 1940’s with Charles and he wanted to pick his brain about how Mr. Manson would handle certain issues facing America today.”



And the others.


Yes - thank you for that. (I found Terry O’Neill’s portrait of Sharon Tate the most striking because it was taken three days before Manson’s groupies murdered her.)


Yep…for his victims and the rest of us who had to know that pestilence is still on the planet.


Um… oh well. Bye.


His spirit will remain with us for some time. Unfortunately.



Now that there’s a free cell; there’s no excuse.



thank you. came here expecting this to be the FIRST post, not the LAST one. i’m just glad somebody did it, otherwise i would’ve.


Both want to start a race-war.