Charles Manson, dead at 83


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Oh no



Dude was way too famous.


He was a monster, but god damn he knew how to move!


Is it too late to trade


manson is another demonstration that reality differs from fiction mainly in not really making any sense at all. in the late 60s manson was a small (5’ 2", 120 pound), weird, guy older than most of the folks in his milieu and yet managed to convince all kinds of women and some men to have sex with him, to provide food and labor for him, and to kill for him. he’d never be a believable villain in a novel, play, or movie (unless you were making a comedy a la dr. evil). even though he was a real person he is barely comprehensible as a historical figure and people 100 years from now might regard the story of manson as some kind of weird urban legend. his crimes happened during my lifetime and i barely believe it.



Manson with Afton Elaine Burton. He applied for a marriage license in 2014, but the relationship fell apart after it was claimed she wanted possession of his corpse to put on display

WTF is wrong with people (apart from Manson himself obviously)?


Gee, he seems like such a nice guy in those .gifs, aside from the swastika.


Look closely at the start of the second gif (where he is wearing the yellow uniform)


We’ve gone to a better place.


Actually, I remember feeling a sense of relief and contentment when the news broke that Burton’s end game was to seduce and scam Manson.
It would all have been much more grotesque if she had been a sincere groupie, IMO.


Thanks Charlie, just in time for the Holidays.


rest in flames.



The trump / Manson side by side .gif is just creepy; separated at birth creepy.


this was my first word upon hearing this last night, too. happy it was the first comment here. : )


Bill Hicks take on women & mass murderers.