Over Charles Manson's dead body: grandson to cremate cult leader's remains


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I don’t give shit what you do with that a-hole.


And the hallowed American tradition of giving murderous shitheels notoriety and publicity after death marches ever onward.


I don’t know his motives, but if I were the grandson I would fight for his remains, too. Then I could destroy them secretively (and announce that it had been done) to avoid “relics” hitting the market.

I would also have trusted guards watch and document the entire process to make sure nothing goes missing before or after the cremation (or can be claimed to have been rescued by future sellers).


“What do you do with a mur’der’s body,
What do you do with a mur’der’s body,
What do you do with a mur’der’s body,
Early in the morning?”


Also - just… just putting this out…


A human skull, rib or collar bone amongst others do very nicely in black magic ceremonies. I wouldn’t put it past one of these knuckleheads to try it and invoke his evilness back amongst the living. If you believe in any of that stuff.


Unless he be the one partin’ it out.


i wouldn’t ask the earth to hold his remains in any way, shape or form, either. i say shoot him into the sun – hopefully that’s big enough and hot enough to wipe him from the universe entirely, forever.


Oh Jesus, what a bunch of predictable bullshit here, both in the post’s own commentary and comments. Who really cares that his family got his remains? Let’s whine about it on the internet, let the world know how much it chafes us, to think, a fucking MURDERER getting buried. We should all ceremonially piss and shit on his body, and frankly if I’m not given that opportunity, well, I’m going to let you all know how pissed off I am about it.

Here’s an original thought? How about you take a fucking moment and acknowledge your total and permanent connection with all that is, was, and will ever be, including Charles Manson. Open your mind the fuck up.


Hah! BuzzFeed. Couldn’t not.


You want a toe? I can get you a toe.


Suppose, on the other hand, you handed out a teaspoon of ashes, free, to every nutjob who wanted one. Suppose you advertised in the back of Guns and Ammo. Could a dead man be more thoroughly objectified and disrespected?


And then we give you a handful of the ashes, which you can pretend were his…


Edit: the bit about the ashes.

(Video is cued.)


No, bad Mister44, bad. (This is the second such message I have written today.)


Some cold icy morning, spread him on the stairs and path.


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