Your cremated loved one's ashes can be pressed into a vinyl record


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As long as I can have this …


I’m conflicted about Step 6.

Also, Do used record bins become cemetaries? sacred spaces? or just haunted?


I am conflicted. Can I have my organs harvested for donation and the rest cremated and turned into a mix tape? I like the idea of ‘a final message’ but I really do want to donate (no really I do not want to die because that terrifies me but that is not possible outside of theology so next best thing. What do do with the meat puppet left behind.)


Or, if you didn’t love them all that much, have them pressed into an album they hated.


Reminds me of Mark Gruenwald’s ashes mixed into the ink of the first printing of the Squadron Supreme trade paperback.


Can I get mine made so it has an even more disturbing message when played backwards?


That kinda falls under: How can I miss you if you won’t go away.


I told my husband I want to be made into this:


That is a tough, tough question. But if I had to choose, it would be A Love Supreme


It would turn out that really annoying relative would wind up with an equally annoying scratch-skip on their album.


It’s been known to happen.


All three?


Both good choices, but I’d go for brevity:


I played this at my best friend’s wake…


Seems obvious in hindsight, but couldn’t the record be stories told by the deceased?



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