Have your body turned into effluent and just poured down the drain when you die


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Hmm. How coffee-like?


Are we talking about a fine pour-over brew or more like an Aeropress? I want to make sure my effluent corpse-slurry is hipster approved.


Sounds about right, eh @milliefink? :wink:

(I, too, can’t stand coffee.)



You misunderstand. I’m just thinking about how to cut costs at my wake.


There will be no coffee served at my wake, beer, wine, gin, whisky, etc… but no coffee.


Do we have to wait until we’re dead first? I’ve been looking forward to being a coffee-like slurry. It’s on my bucket list.


I like how you think.

I want to put a time capsule in my coffin. Give archeologist something to digest when they dig me up.



Just how “green” is it to dump me, plus a ton of lye, into the watershed?


Like what comes out of the back end of a civet?


Came here for this. Thank you.


Good point. Why not just have your body eaten by civets?


I think it would be more poetic to be coverted into some kind of fertilizer.


I’m guessing that if you go for the freeze-dried coffee experience, it’s not going to count as cryogenic.


I would have thought an air burial was the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of a corpse. Not the prettiest or fastest, but in terms of environmental impact…

Of course, getting the flesh stripped from your bones by dermistid (sp?) beetles and having the bones pulverized into bone meal strikes me as being pretty darn environmentally friendly too.


Tales of that one biodegradable urn that turns into a tree have been making the rounds:

But surely the best option would be the old-fashioned Sky Burial?

You could go the pig-fodder route, but then you’d probably want to find some of those genetically-engineered Enviropigs™, and it seems they haven’t caught on yet.


Yes, sky burial. I like that idea too.


I liked the idea until I learned more. I saw a documentary (I think - memory is vague) and to do a sky burial, your body has to be prepared. So there was one dude who wasn’t part of the local religion - and his job was basically to butcher the body for sky burial, because if you put the body out whole, it will putrify before the birds finish the job.

He didn’t seem super happy about it, and commented that he likes to be blind drunk before prepping a sky burial

I just felt bad for the guy