Dead bodies can soon be liquified with new California law


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When will we be allowed to do this?






This process makes the recovery of dental amagam as well as gold, and any implanted medical devices trivial.

One downside to cremation since modern medicine has been the metals emissions from the smoke.

Also, can we please call this whipped cremation? Because my gosh it’s nasty work and I need a laugh.


Why is this controversial?


Religious fundamentalists: “it’s supposed to be ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust.’”

Me: “But none of us began life as a pile of ashes, we began life as a small volume of alkaline-rich liqui—“

Religious fundamentalists: “LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU”


We get an option for cremation that leaves the bones intact and awesome and then you crush them? Give me my bag of relative bones and let me do my Shakespeare!


Oh man, that little girl is gonna have the nicest skin after a steady diet of eyeball soup.


If you aren’t in a hurry you can just use flesh-eating beetles like the ones museums use to clean skeletal specimens.


But I want my bones to remain intact, so someone can build a creepy chair out of them!


A chair? I dunno man, that chiseled chin of yours could easily be an essential part of a warhammer…


Se pone la “crema” en “cremation!”








Oh, believe you me…it’s glass. You’d have to coat it in steel or something.


That is not unlike the results that Zoroastrians get with the “Towers of Silence”. Let the bodies decay under the hot sun until only bones are left. Presumably let the buzzards and vultures have their way.


Because at some point elected officials decided it was their right to decide how you can instruct your survivors to dispose of your corpse and no one did much to stop them.

Is that by any chance a reference to Use of Weapons by Iain M. Banks? Gawd what a great book!