Who said it: Charles Manson or Kanye West?


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God I hate Kanye so very, very much. Though I do like some of his songs, he is just the worst person.


“When someone comes up and says something like, ‘I am a god,’ everybody
says ‘Who does he think he is?’ I just told you who I thought I was. A
god. I just told you.”

This is pure genius.


I think it’s very pluralist of Manson to imagine a Jewish Jesus.


Kanye may be the epitome of the “No Fucks Given” ethos.

He may be nuts, but the man is a hell of a producer.


I think that it seems outrageous to some people because the Abrahamic god is purported to exist outside of and separate from its created universe, so one would never just casually bump into it. But most other gods are considered to be this universe, or at least part of it. The concept of Atman, for example, is that each person you meet is this god in varying levels of disguise and denial.


We wasn’t s’posed to make it past 25
Joke’s on you, we still alive
Throw your hands up in the sky and say:
“We don’t care what people say”


He WAS Jewish…


Yo, Charles, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Dahmer was one of the craziest of all time! Of all time!


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He’s an average producer, and most of his recent output has been produced by other people, but his earlier stuff was pretty average (there’s a few decent beats on there, but he’s no J Dilla).




So it’s easy to look at Kanye and say he’s a nutcase. But Gene Simmons said that every band (other than the Stones and the Beatles) should be lining up to wipe his ass. Liam Gallagher said that Oasis would be bigger than the Beatles who in turn were bigger than Jesus.

Famous musicians have a long history of talking about how they are the greatest ever, the greatest people on Earth, etc. Kanye is more over-the-top than anyone else I know of, but all that means is that he’s the best ever at claiming to be the best ever, that’s no small accomplishment, considering the field he is competing against.

Every time someone talks about some stunt Kayne pulled (obviously the “Ima let you finish” is the most referenced) I think: yeah, but that’s the same guy who said, ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’ on live TV. People hate him for being egregiously impolite at a music awards show, but I’m awfully suspicious about complaining about the impoliteness of a black American who communicates his experience of being a black American.


What, you’re suggesting there’s POSSIBLY a racist element in suggesting a black musician is “uppity” ?




I’m not comparing Kanye’s quality of production to J Dilla (RIP!) per se- it’s a matter of reach for me. You could argue that J died before he had the chance to get huge, but Kanye’s there and has been for a while. His stuff is heard by a far more massive and diverse group than most of the other beat makers that might out-do him in the studio. There’s something to be said for that.


Fair. I’ll take that.


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Really? What?

IMO exposure makes a poor substitute for skill or creativity. It’s why media and the arts are flooded with egotists. The popular old pre-internet philosophy of “publicity must have something to it” is what still makes it possible now.