The Onion on Kanye West


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Narcissists gotta stick together I guess.


He came out for Trump and against books. This is pretty special.


And yet another black man, who graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law, once described Kayne as “a jackass.”

Which means Kanye will probably be our next President.


Trump once declared that his approval with “the blacks” would skyrocket after he took office and the vast majority would vote for him in 2020.

As of mid-2018 support for Trump among African Americans is so low that exceptions to the rule literally make front page news.


Why the hell does the blog keep linking to paywalled articles?




I really feel sad about 'Ye. No one can make music like he has without a heap of genuine talent. His production work on Common’s “Be” is stunning, not to mention the countless other hip-hop gems he’s been a part of. I understand if his style isn’t your thing; I really appreciated it for a long time.

Unfortunately, for years it seems he’s been awash in some seriously vile bullshit. It bums me out.


He knows that trump hates black people right?


Well, he fired Omarosa so now he needs a new black friend. /s


Fake post.


The only thing that surprises me is how surprised people seem to be. Kanye and Trump both live in alternate realities created by their massive-but-fragile egos.

For a long time I thought West was just playing a character, but if you compare Kanye now to the Kanye of 14 years ago and there’s a real and visible descent into delusion. Maybe it started out as a character, maybe it didn’t, but either way, the guy has been getting further and further out there at an almost predictable pace. Like some kind of timely descent into madness.

I think a lot of people made that mistake about both Trump and West. I’ve had Trump pegged as a shyster and a fraud since the 80’s, but I think other people making the same mistake that I made about West–thinking it was all a character–was a big part of what helped Trump garner support. People misinterpret his behavior as the Trump character they’re used to seeing on TV while subconsciously (or consciously) thinking that “he’s not really like that, he’s just doing it to antagonize the people who don’t understand him like I do.” Neither one is that deep. It’s not a character, they’re just egomaniacal narcissists being narcissistically egomaniacal and nothing more.

Any perceived depth of character is little more than tricks of light and shadow. West might have been a real person a long time ago, but he sure isn’t one anymore, and Trump’s pathological inability to hide his narcissism, dishonesty, and sheer inner ugliness as a person is basically the closest the man has ever come to being honest.


Can we at least agree, even if some of his music is good, Kanye is a horrible person?


No. His music is shit too.


Eh, I have to admit I like some of his stuff. Which is a feat considering I don’t want to meet him or hang out or go to a concert, but I kinda dig some of his songs.

Though to be fair, I probably like that one song because I love Daft Punk. Daft Punk makes you 20% cooler just standing in the back ground.


It is okay to like French things.


Shhh, shhhh, I pretend they aren’t French… they are robots…


Kisses and croissants.


Breakfast must be awesome at your place!


We build a system where only the most toxic narcissists can thrive then get surprised that they’re the ones on the top and we all get shafted.