President Kanye


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It should really be Trump/West 2016.

And then in 2020 it can be West/Deez Nuts…


Sounds like someone got wind of a certain someone else’s gigantic ego getting all the attention.

Warren/West 2020.


The video I saw of him, mic in hand, saying nothing for minutes on end?



I’m not sure Andrew Marantz and I watched the same Kanye speech (he calls him a “captivating speaker?”). In the one I watched, a pretty obviously high Kanye rambled on randomly for quite a while, to the point where I was wondering if they were EVER going to cut him off… Finally ending with a random announcement that he was running for president at the end.


“Imma stop you right there, Kanye…”


I know nothing of this man’s politics, but I already like him better than most politicians. Except Sanders. And Franken. And pre-election Obama.


All I know is that he believes that George Bush doesn’t care about black people:


Why not now Kanye? I mean it is still very early for the 2016 election. Oh wait, because you aren’t serious, you’re just stroking your ego.

This guy has to be the most insecure person on the planet. Someone have his mom and dad call him and tell him they love him.


FTFY. :slight_smile: Seriously, I have no idea what he was trying to say in that speech.


Ive never understood how anyone has found this guy interesting, captivating, etc, its got to be a generational thing… arrogant, smug, very insecure, and heaps of being in right place at the right time come to mind - dude just always seems to come off spoiled and pouting “you dont understand!!!” - like when a 14 year old doesnt understand the complexities and nuances of the world but sure thinks theyve got it down pat. Must have a truly amazing management team tho


I have a very bad heart condition so here’s hoping I’m dead before this happens.


Hopefully he’ll finally get some of the wind knocked out of his sails when he eats a slice of humble pie.
He hasn’t a chance in hell.


OH no, I’d much rather keep you around…


That’s quite alright.


This thread…


President of Whatthefuckistan.


Was he wrong?


It’s amazing how cool Mike Meyers manages to play that.


I didn’t say it wasn’t true. Just saying that’s the only real political statement I can ever remember Kanye making. Everything else seems to be him sticking his foot in his mouth talking about how people like Beyoncé are the “true artists” or whatever. (Granted - I don’t pay much attention to Kanye at all, so it takes a lot for him to enter my sphere of attention)