Kanye for President

Okay, amidst all these articles about Trump running for president, I have not seen one article on Kanye’s announcement of a presidential run. Kanye might not provide the same level of outrage that Trump does - maybe he will, we’ll have to see - but I’m pretty sure he’ll provide just as much to talk about.

It gives me great sadness that Trump and Kanye won’t be running against each other. That could truly make America great again.


I think we should get the 2016 election behind us before we start worrying about possible 2020 candidates. For one thing, depending on who’s elected in 2016, Kanye might have to displace the incumbent to get on his party ticket (unless he runs as an Independent).

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Just as a reminder, this is the dude who said this:

as the Federal and local governments of Louisiana screwed over the black and poor residents of NOLA. So, I’m not opposed to his running. of course, dude has an outsized ego, but so does nearly everyone who runs for president. It’s kind of a requirement for the job.

Also, Kim Kardashian as FLOTUS would be something. We’d put more pressure on Turkey about the Armenian Genocide:


Are Bunga-Bunga parties part of Kanye’s platform?

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I used to dream of an Arnold Swartzenegger vs Tom Hanks battle. And then Arnold became a Governor. And a Democrat.

But this could have been better, more surreal.

Well surely I’d take West over Trump any day. I’ll always respect him for that George Bush comment, and I think a lot of the other things he’s done that people complain about are extensions of the same personality that said that. I actually wonder about some of Kanye’s stunts are less driven by an outrageous ego and more driven by just seeing how far he can push it. Of course, after you’ve pushed it as far as he has and found out you can keep pushing, it would be a little hard not to have an enormous ego.

It’s hard to think he’d do a much worse job than any other president in recent memory, and he’s probably do at least a few things radically right.

I like your new hair, by the way.


Would’t Kayne make a better Veep to Jay Z’s POTUS?

And surely Beyoncé would be a better FLOTUS than Kim Kardashian?

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If the next race for presidency is Kanye West vs. Jay Z then do you know who will win?

America, that’s who.


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