Kanye West's presidential campaign was run by GOP

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September 2020:


Celebrity is one of the biggest dangers around these days. Parasocial relationships to the level of being toxic. The desire to get notoriety combined with isolation that comes with fame gets people into all sorts of situations that gets them into entanglements with all sorts of unethical people. Kanye is clearly not well, it’s not even a debate. GOP operatives had no qualms about manipulating him to try to erode away at the black and youth vote to try to keep an realty tv star in office.

With Trump it’s was always about fame. He wanted the best selling book, a successful tv/media empire, his name in big letters on buildings in large cities and famous friends to greet him when they play golf together. Go look up online about how he talked about Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton in the past. The danger that came with fame (with particular focus on his case specifically) has led to a lot of death and suffering. Less than half a million people have died in 2020 from warfare worldwide. At least 550,000 people died from covid alone in the US in 2020 and that number could have been significantly less if we had an competent leader who didn’t worry about pr and didn’t manage to gaslight half of the political spectrum that this virus was no big deal.

I worry more about how toxic fame can get than global warming, out of control AI, grey goo, asteroids, a much worse pandemic than we are currently in & societal collapse from convincing people that ignorance and hate are positive things because a famous person can easily lie and convince a significant number of people that those are good things.

And it’s happening now even with him out of office.

Sorry for going off on a tangent there for a moment.


If this were a Greek tragedy, it would be declared “too sad” and “horrendous,” and people would say, “Give us something a bit lighter, like Antigone.”




Thank you for confirming what all sane Americans already knew.


What’s ironic is, in a less dark timeline, Trump would himself have been the unqualified, ego-blinded, narcissist celebrity who blithely runs as a losing, stalking-horse, third-party candidate — to the benefit of the Democratic candidate. (Albeit, the Democrats would never be so crass/cynical as to covertly aid/subsidize this stalking horse.) It’s kind of a testament to Trump [slight retching sound as I compliment DJT] that he realized this early on, and never* fell into the third-party trap.

Actual Billionaire Ross Perot made this mistake, twice, to the benefit of Bill Clinton.

*EDIT: only fell for this once. Altho, I think it might be FAKE NEWS that DJT ran in 2000.


After the first time.


This will come as a complete shock to the 5 people who believed that Kanye West for President 2020 wasn’t a divisive tactic thought up by Republicans


So you mean 4 people plus Kanye West?



Even Trump forgot about his 2000 Election bid. After his 2016 win he was constantly crowing about how he won on his very first try.


An Active Law of Physics in This Case:

“Two pools of loose stool placed in close proximity will tend to run together and become indistinguishable from one another.”


all I want to know is how many years in jail these “operatives” will serve, or the rest is just more of the GOP getting away with shit.


Yeah, I’m a bit confused by the sudden news stories about this, as I thought we already knew it all. I guess it was even more organized by the Republican party than we previously knew?


I said back then and I’ll say it again: I’m pretty sure the whole ratfuckery probably cost Trump more votes than Biden wholly from the bat-shit crazy demographic.

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That his handlers were gQp pros makes the recent news about one his own more plausible:


The R’s don’t care about anything except winning power. The Dems stand on the sidelines and yelll “Hypocrisy” or “Facsism” and the Rs just laugh at them. And despite at least 15 years of this shit, the Dems are still trying to win while playing “fair” as if there is some playground aide who will come by and say, “Oh you poor dears, let’s fix this cheating.” This is not a playground and no one on the other side cares if it’s fair or righteous or anything else so long as they win. They are not committted to any particular policy or goal. They stand for the concentration and protection of wealth, and the power that allows that to continue. The only democrats that seem to play the same kind of game are horrible, like Blagoevich. We are fucked sideways.


He kinda was, in 2016, only the orchestrating party was Putin trying to disrupt the election, and Trump was his pawn. I don’t think anyone on either side expected him to win. It seemed clear at the time that Trump himself expected to lose and was shocked that he actually won. He was like a deer in the headlights for several days. But he recovered and ran with it. I would love to know what was said on all those secret calls he had with Putin from the White House.


Only thing even remotely shocking is that they thought that Black people would be gullible enough to fall for this obvious sham.