Milo Yiannopoulous may have scammed Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kanye West

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If you take the stance that these are all grifters who would sell their own mother for a fix, everything in the past 8 years snaps to crystal clarity.


it’d be a shame if the gop lost their majority in the house due to convictions. such a shame.


It is also unclear why Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump’s best friend in Congress, is helping Kanye prep a run against him

I think it’s pretty clear. They think Kanye would siphon off enough black voters to sink Biden while stealing none of the racist GOP voter base. I’m not saying it would work, I’m saying they think it would work.


Trump loyalists helped get Kanye on the ballot in a bunch of states in 2020, too. I think their (racist) theory is that Kanye is likely to draw more votes from the Dems than from Trump because Black people, or something like that. ETA: like @deedub said


Yeah I keep going back and forth on how much these people are chaotic evil (self serving grifters that would stab each other to get power) or lawful evil (pulling coordinated, albeit bizarre, ops to collectively gain power).


That’s not mutually exclusive. Get the power, then start the stabbing.


As the source post shows, it’s both. They are pulling a coordinated op to collectively gain power, and grifting/scamming each other as they do it.


No, see, you’re thinking about it all wrong-- it’s not an “overcharge”, you just have to pay more to get the best quality goods and services. It’s what the kids call “late stage capitalism.”


“First you get the money
Then you get the power”

Cash rules everything around the GOP.


Grifters grifting grifters grifting grifters.

It’s grifters all the way down.


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The only problem is that letting them fight isn’t hurting them, it’s hurting their constituents. Eventually they grift from the people they represent. And these people have no other representation. While I disagree with where the republican party is on so many of their social stances, there should be room for an opposition party in the US no matter who forms the government. These people aren’t being represented, and are being grifted, and having their ability to choose slowly taken away from them. So letting them fight is the same as saying, “Let the poor people suffer MORE.”

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My sympathy for anyone who voted for MTG is nil. Especially since they were evil/stupid enough to do it twice. These people chose a representative who does not represent them. Who shitposts in the halls of Congress rather than does their job. She is not merely political opposition, she is an active participant in the destruction of the democratic system. Her crap can’t be treated simply as normal political opposition/theater.

Anyone who voted for MTG can go fuck themselves. People who didn’t, get my deepest sympathy. People running against her deserve as much support as possible.


Their constituents sent them to hurt trans people, Black people, working class people, women, gays, lesbians, immigrants, etc… As long as they are voting for hurting others, they get what they deserve. If they want to join us on the right side of history, that’s great. The ones that vote for these fascists are for it.

But, the people they represent who did not vote for them are getting hurt, and that needs to stop.

The GOP needs to purge itself of fascists. Their voters have to be part of that… until that happens, their impact on the rest of us will not change. It’s on the GOP to clean up their fascist shit. Full stop. The rest of us can only do so much.


It’s Nazis and clowns grifting other nazis and clowns…a veritable ouroboros of of anti-semitism, idiocy, and scams.


Imagine being so dumb that you’d let Milo Scamopoulous use your credit card. That’s EmptyG!


i would be shocked if the GQP lost a single seat in either house due to convictions. constituents would be happy for their representatives to serve from prison as long as they vote to hurt the right people.


While we all expect Milo to misbehave, stealing from other wingnuts seems pretty bad awesome


for george santos that’s definitely not true. people, registered republicans included, were extremely unhappy when it turned out he was lying. i’m not so sure how it works for green’s voters.

either way, the time in prison or jail won’t be fun for them. and i’d be happy to see them charged, convicted, and serving time for their crimes regardless of what their constituents choose to do