Milo Yiannopoulous may have scammed Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kanye West

Greene’s voters were in a tough position if they didn’t want lying fraudsters in office in their names, because the democrat running in that race was very much unclear about… well… everything in his past.

As the New Republic reported when they tried to find out The Murky Past of Congressional Candidate Marcus Flowers | The New Republic

And the New Republic isn’t exactly a right wing blog. In fact, Marcus Flowers and George Santos have one thing in common: They both seemingly came out of nowhere, a past that doesn’t really exist, and have ties to a lot of money seemingly pumped in from foreign actors.


jeebus. how can this be the best candidate the democrats had to offer?

On July 5, Flowers told Chudinova [his wife] to accompany him to Walmart. Chudinova, who was not a U.S. citizen and had struggled to adjust to life in this country, took nothing with her. Instead of Walmart, they arrived at a homeless shelter, where Flowers told her to get out of the car. She refused; Flowers called the police. Eventually, Chudinova left the car and went into the shelter, the City Rescue Mission


Personal theory? He was recruited to run as a democrat and intentionally tank the race. The democrat that ran against her in 2020 was put up to run against her after she switched districts from the 6th to the previously basically unopposed 114th and was equally problematic. The whole thing seems like some outside force bought her a seat.


…stealing from other wingnuts seems pretty bad.

I’m not sure I agree with that statement.




Well, that’s fucking awful!

Early in the primary process, they had a more progressive woman running from up in Dalton (I think), so maybe the goal was to derail her?


Can’t happen anymore. The GOP’s “Southern Strategy” was to let Nazis drink in their bar. But they let it run long enough that they started hiring the Nazis to tend bar, then to run the place, and now they’re the owners.

The only option left for “conservatives” (as they used to be) is to form a new party and burn down the old one. But without the support of the Nazis they don’t have the numbers to remain in power while they rebuild. The only option they see now is to try to rein in the Nazis. The Lincoln Project is kind of built along those lines, but that’s not even remotely realistic. The only way to control Nazis is to be Der Furher, and Drumpf ain’t giving up that spot.


They have to do that, if we expect to move forward. Full stop. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING BAR A NAZI BAR.

If that’s what they have to do, then that’s what they have to do. We can’t force them to do it, other than by collective voting for the Democrats.


I assume the second Trump gets sick or dies, the entire Trumposphere will engage in violent Death of Stalin style shenanigans, with at least two dozen of them proclaiming themselves the One True Successor to the throne.


Spoiler Alert: All of them will be Lavrentiy Beria.


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