McConnell blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene's "loony lies and conspiracy theories" as "cancer" to GOP

Originally published at: McConnell blasts Marjorie Taylor Greene's "loony lies and conspiracy theories" as "cancer" to GOP | Boing Boing


“Tobacco Company Executive condemns cancer.”


Should have been saying this for a while, Mitch. You welcomed them into the party when it suited you, and now you need to clean it up.


I saw this yesterday and did a double-take because I couldn’t believe it was real

It’s almost as if he sees the writing on the wall

Im betting the only thing this is is a shrewd move to get on the good side of the guy in power now. I doubt he actually believes what he’s saying. The man had no problem supporting human monsters for the last 4 years, and acting a monster and asshole for 6 more on top during Obama.

Someone that evil does not suddenly get a conscience.


Losing gracefully is a bad thing? lol.

So much for that very evangelical concept of Grace. Grace is apparently only for Sundays. And really just the morning parts of Sundays.


IMO, The Republican Party itself is the cancer.
Taylor-Greene is simply the latest and most malignant tumor.


I hope our country loses you.


Doesn’t mean shit if Trump is acquitted by the Senate. And even then it doesn’t mean much, since they lost any benefit of the doubt a long time ago.


I think in McConnell’s case, it’s a matter of him seeing his party go so far into looney-ville, that he finds himself losing his ability to have any control of his fellow party members, and fears that even he will be primaried and thrown under the bus as being too centrist, full of scruples, and willing to “compromise” with the libs. (yeah, I know, but the party really has moved that far to the right) As Loyal as he’s been (no matter the cost to what’s left of his soul), and as much as he’s done to keep his party in power, country-and-democracy-be-damned, even he see’s the bus heading his way.


They don’t believe that “non-believers” deserve grace.

He helped create this situation by supporting Trump in the first place. If he would have drawn the line early on in Trump’s presidency, especially with regards to the first impeachment, it might not have gotten this bad. He has no one to blame but himself for supporting Trumpism when he saw it benefiting him in the first place.


Is “nuke the whole party from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure” considered cleaning up?


No, it’s for retirement. When your Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be used to start a foundation for children’s literacy or something.

That, and tin-foil hat lunacy is a big turn-off for corporate donors. The Republicans have already taken a hit with multiple companies suspending donations after the insurrection. Who knows how long that will last, but it isn’t going to be soon if nutters like Empty-G keep spouting out teh cray-cray and begging for civil war.


I don’t know, but maybe?

Honestly, if we can just get the majority of the party to recognize that they have a serious, democracy ending problem, that might get things moving in the right direction. Right now, the vast majority of the GOP doesn’t see that they have a problem, even if they oppose Trumpism now. More people need to be where Romney is at the very least. There does seem to be some leaving the party, but not nearly enough.

Not all of them. They just need enough big donors to keep funding the party and then keep picking the pockets of the Trump hardcore.


Yeah, I said earlier this might be the one thing that either rights the ship, or spells the GOPs doom. Who would have thunk insurrections and conspiracy theories are bad for business?

They might have to pay higher taxes under the Democrats, but at least it will promote more stability, which is way better for the economy.


This woman is just bat-shit crazy. How the fuck is someone like her in government?

I mean, even compared to Trump, this seems too much.


She represents GA-14, one of the most Republican districts in the nation ((R+27), and as such, she is probably one of the most accurate representations of the Republican base voter.

Taylor-Greene represents the will of the people of her district, accurately. They are Republican base voters, and (like Trump), she is their hero.

For many years, our country has had a growing fascism problem. Taylor-Greene is merely the latest in a long line of dangerous buffoons, chosen by the voters they represent.


“it looks like McConnell is now trying to get his party back to some sort semblance of the pre-Trump olden days”

This is the reason why I don’t mind seeing more headlines about 45 or MTG. The republicans should never be able to just slink back to politics as usual without acknowledging these albatrosses they’ve so fashionably chosen for neckwear. McConnell’s denouncing her now is little consolation. But if he has the option to just ignore her, then he’ll eventually end up loudly supporting her as she gains steam. Let her make news every day so he and the others either have to back her or deny her.


The real problem in the Republican Party is engaging in Democracy

A totally cool thing to say in a totally healthy republic.


This is why we are losing our country.

The GOP is losing the country because of lunatics like you, you dumbass.