Trump enraged that McConnell won't 'protect' him from Russia investigations: NYT


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Isn’t it ironic that the ONE person screaming profanely at Mitch about what an arsehole he is, is wrong about that specific bit of arseholeishness.


It’s like schadenfreude is all I have to live on these days.


Yeah well, McTurtle could turn the tide against trump real fast if he wanted to but this is the same man who exclaimed “We need a new president, Donald Trump, to be the most powerful Republican in America”


Why would Trump, who’s innocent of wrongdoing (Comey did tell him so three times!), need to be “protected” from anything?

Unless he’s not innocent … no, it must be the FBI that’s wrong.


Not too bright to scream at the guy who’ll have to pass a money bill to bump the Secret Service budget.

“Fuggit! Let’s do some downsizing!”


and questioned Mr. Trump’s understanding of the presidency in a public speech.

I wonder where he’s been recently, for the one thing that is without doubt in this presidency is the severe lack of evidence for Trump showing competency in anything.
He may be an absolute unrepentant arrogant racist arsehole, but his one redeeming quality is his legendary incompetence that stymies all his efforts to get anything done…

The wrong person trying to do the wrong thing, but too incompetent to actually manage much of it.

The only thing we really need to worry about is him triggering WW3 with nukes via a tantrum…


Ditto Trump’s attacks against Sessions and Comey. All men who have caused untold harm getting chewed out for doing the right thing on the Russia investigation (or at least refraining from doing the wrongest thing).


And Irony, don’t forget the irony A steady diet of schadenfreude and irony has been shown to have averse effects on mental health. Please make an effort to have regular unicorn, puppy, or kitten chasers.

An occasional light salad may also be beneficial.



Don’t be fooled into thinking that McConnell is doing this for any virtuous reason. His motivation is personal power, nothing else; he likes the leverage.

Recall that Mitch was fully briefed on the Russia stuff during the campaign, and threatened retaliation if Obama/Clinton went public with it.


In a truly poetic world these 2 splendid human beings would be marooned together on a deserted island…with only enough supplies for one to survive and an Obama phone with no minutes left on it. How richly they deserve each other.


Don’t be fooled that anyone sane here thinks that.

Many of us are just hoping the whole bunch eats each other before too much irreparable damage is done…


Another retelling of that timeless classic, The Tortoise and The Hair.


Is anyone else finding it hard to imagine McConnell’s “tortoise of oligarchy” face actually being able to contort enough to allow for shouting?


Mmmmmmm delicious, satisfying irony. My cup runeth over.


It’s scootenfruity all the way down.


I would pay to hear a recording of that call.


Government should not be run like a private business, and corporations are not people.

In case anybody gave a damn anymore.


My impression is that Trump has spent most of his life just doing it the way he wants, and screw the rules, so he just figures “Hey, if you’re on my team, Mitch, then you should just be saying ‘fuck it’ to the rules too. Laws? The Constitution? Screw that! We’re gonna kick ass and take names, and the Constitution is just some stupid old piece of paper!”