Paperback Writer vs. My Sharona


Great mix! I can buy this song on itunes right? What, why not??
I never cared for that breakdown in My Sharona though. It sounds like a completely different song and doesn’t have the power of the rest of the song. They shoulda just left it out and made the song shorter.

Yet more support for my hypothesis that every single pop song written since the beginning of time is in fact exactly the same song.

The Beatles probably have more mutitrack stems available than any other artist, which just makes them ripe for mashups.

Pixelshifter’s got it right. Here’s a classic that’s been in my rotation since I first stumbled across it on Boing Boing in 2005.

Why do people keep doing this with My Sharona, of all possible songs? It wasn’t that good the first time.

“My Sharona”'s first recontextualization
#Jam Master Jay -vs- My Sharona

let’s all pour a little out for the fallen.

It’s that killer hook. The song itself doesn’t really matter.

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See also “Melody Dean” by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.

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