Mash-up: Flock of Sabbath



That was… Weird. A bit awkward. The lyric line was so at odds with the rest of the music. I wasn’t this to mesh better, but , like the proverbial dancing dog, I am happy it exists

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That looks like Sabbath Live in Paris, which I watched on TV as a small child whilst off school sick from inside the ‘spaceship’ I had constructed under the table. Changed my life forever that. Daytime TV in the 70s was weird, man.


hmm. this doesn’t work for me for some reason. also, holy crap are they young there!

No no no they’ve got the hair all wrong. It’s all about the hair.

Paranoid? Run!

Developing an ideological framework best suited to preserve an envisioned future full of mash-ups is precisely why I enrolled in that CopyrightX Harvard MOOC… As of yet, I’m still only best equipped to just smile and bob my head, whenever good ones like this pop up.

This is stretching the definition of “mash up”-- it sounds more like they just recreated the chords and form of “Paranoid” using sounds culled from “I Ran.”


Look-- listen to the Flock of Seagulls track, then listen to the “mashup”-- it’s not the same music, they just recreated the “Paranoid” chord changes and riffs and made it sound like the guitars and synths from “I Ran” – it’s not a mashup, not in the slightest.


Nor I. It sounds like the music has been sped up way to much and possibly key-shifted, just to try and wedge a fit.
I like my mashups au naturel.
If it isn’t on tempo and in key, don’t mash it.

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yeah, exactly. i think the sped-up thing ruins it for me.

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I think some of the other ones seen here recently (one of the Bee Gees videos) have also used speed changes. But they weren’t as noticeable as this one.

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IIRC it was the Pink Floyd/Bee Gees mashup that was sped up. If you know a track well it becomes recognisably noticeable and badly detracts from the enjoyment.

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