Mashup of the entire Billboard Top 25 for 2014


I guess mashups are a case in which the much-complained-about ‘homogenization of pop’ is a good thing? This honestly sounded like an ordinary, fairly seamless example of the genre to me.

(And is it good or bad that the only sample and images I recognized were from Turn Down for What? That one is hard to forget.)

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Nope, didn’t know a single one of them.

Thanks, hadn’t seen that, hilarious! :smiley:

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i liked it :smile:
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Seamless. I’m assuming that’s because the edit was done with the same software that wrote the songs.

And yes, get the hell off my lawn.


Not knowing a thing about this but are all those songs truly in the same key? Is there an annual key change or something? With a ceremony of some sort?

I did not listen that hard but I noticed some bits were sped up, some were probably pitch shifted as well.

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No, there’s a lot of pitch shifting going on in the making of the mashup. Basically, you can use snippets of various pieces of various songs with similar chord progressions and stitch them together. For example, if you have two songs that use a ii-V-I progression, you can pitch shift one to match the key of the other, then overlay them and maybe get something interesting.

Also, when you use small enough chunks like this mashup does, it’s a lot easier to make things fit together. You pick a song or two to use as the foundation, then layer pieces on top of them. It’s not rocket surgery, but doing it this cleanly is seriously impressive.

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Knowing neither performers nor their material keeps me ignorant of how they’re expected to sound, but I’m not so sure the harmonic progress of more adventurous material would keep it out of the running. Slipping in a I-♭VI-V-III segment might stand out on its own merits, or might not. But I’d probably spot Kate Bush being re-pitched just from memory. I guess you could do all this fairly cheaply with Reaper, but it would still be expensive to get it done - as you say - seriously impressively cleanly.

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What’s the sphinx from?

it looks like its from the katy perry video where she’s all egyptian


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