Mash-ups that should be illegal

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DJ Cummerbund is the king of illegal mashups


I’ve made a few that really shouldn’t exist too (these only begin to make a little sense with headphones).

These are not what you would call “good.”

I do apologize.


I download the Bootie Pop best of every year and his mashups are consistently my favorites. Bootie Pop has replaced Girl Talk in my mashup pantheon.

I am partial to Bill McClintock’s stuff, though, he strays into some pretty scary territory too:


That first one is worth about $24.50 in the swear jar.

Heard enough to reaffirm why I don’t listen to that filth.

is there a mashup for the ending theme music of the original Star Trek series and the original I Love Lucy?

in my head they work very well together - maybe it’s the same conga player, i dunno - but i’ve never had the jam to sit down and do the work to see if they fit & compliment each other

i’m sure they do

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Those are some good mix styles. If you could only have one artist singing at a time (call and answer), they would be really good.

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Here’s my favorite: Single Ladies In Mayberry - YouTube

I tried (badly) and you can hear the ILL beat is too fast.
Slow ILL down/speed up ST and you might have a winner


Good catch on the Star Trek / I Love Lucy sound a-alike. I’ll have to do something with that.

Did you know that part of the theme song to The Bob Newhart Show (at :32 seconds here) sounds like part of Jimi Hendrix Third Stone from the Sun (at :37 seconds here - this is a tribute band, original hard to find online)

Strangely, that section on both not only sound the same, but are the same length. I used those two clips in this, from 2003, starting at 3:12: MTNOT (Empty Knot) Music To Nod Off To (this 24 minute thing was made with the Zoom MRS-1608). (The first part of that piece, by the way, are tones from the Fibonacci Sequence. Headphones are a must for this particular 24 minute track. Headphones, eyes closed, in a quiet darkened room).

Warning - contains approximately 5000% of the RDA for Rednex.

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