John Lennon/Van Halen mashup: "Imagine a Jump"


Let me take you down, coz I’m going to…Panama…Panamaha.

That was… much better than I expected. It’s the mixes of distinctly different styles that seem to come out the best, like Slayer and Mrvin Gaye or Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees.


I found it sobering to realize that those two songs came out at nearly the same time ('71 & '83), from the perspective of someone getting into music today.

It’s weird. It completely works as a musical composition and absolutely wrecks each of its iconic component songs in the process. Sounds like Diamond Dave should be sprawled over the top of a white grand piano in one of the crappier joints off the Vegas strip.

A first-time listener could be completely convinced that this was just a cheesier-than-usual torch song and never dream the greatness it was made from. I may spend the week listening to it!

I think that . . .oh hell. It’s just awful. Sorry. Might be an age thing.


‘Imagine’ works well with a lot of mashups.
Imagine there’s no rehab

Lobsterdust’s Pixies/Pussycat Dolls mashup has to be my favorite.

My favorite mashup: Every Car You Chase

Also, not a mashup, but a neat edit to a good song: Hey Jude (Minor Key)

That one works pretty damn well.
Here’s five Pixies songs mashed into one alongside Marvin Gaye.

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This one is really well done. That’s pretty awesome.

Love this one! It’s on my playlist of “select mash-ups” I use when I’m trying to evangelize resistors about the glories of the mash-up, right up top alongside this Lobsterdust masterpiece (glad to see him/her getting love elsewhere on this list, too), It’s Fun to Smoke Dust

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