John Lennon/Van Halen mashup: "Imagine a Jump"




Let me take you down, coz I’m going to…Panama…Panamaha.


That was… much better than I expected. It’s the mixes of distinctly different styles that seem to come out the best, like Slayer and Mrvin Gaye or Pink Floyd and the Bee Gees.


I found it sobering to realize that those two songs came out at nearly the same time ('71 & '83), from the perspective of someone getting into music today.


It’s weird. It completely works as a musical composition and absolutely wrecks each of its iconic component songs in the process. Sounds like Diamond Dave should be sprawled over the top of a white grand piano in one of the crappier joints off the Vegas strip.

A first-time listener could be completely convinced that this was just a cheesier-than-usual torch song and never dream the greatness it was made from. I may spend the week listening to it!


I think that . . .oh hell. It’s just awful. Sorry. Might be an age thing.


‘Imagine’ works well with a lot of mashups.
Imagine there’s no rehab


Lobsterdust’s Pixies/Pussycat Dolls mashup has to be my favorite.


My favorite mashup: Every Car You Chase

Also, not a mashup, but a neat edit to a good song: Hey Jude (Minor Key)


That one works pretty damn well.
Here’s five Pixies songs mashed into one alongside Marvin Gaye.


This one is really well done. That’s pretty awesome.


Love this one! It’s on my playlist of “select mash-ups” I use when I’m trying to evangelize resistors about the glories of the mash-up, right up top alongside this Lobsterdust masterpiece (glad to see him/her getting love elsewhere on this list, too), It’s Fun to Smoke Dust


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