Dig this mash-up of The Ramones vs Marvin Gaye

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I would call this a mash-up of The Ramones and Chicken Heads.

I’m not familiar with either of these two tunes, but it sounds like it was meant to be.
Marvin Gaye and Led Zeppelin.


Ooooh, that one’s good.

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Thank you. There’s more on the SoundCloud page if you like.

I thought it would be Marvin’s velvet voice over the Ramone’s buzz-saw guitars, paint me dissapoint

Yeah, I had a look. I am amused by how much the Pixies/Gaye mashup sounds like Lou Reed.

Hmmm, hadn’t thought of that, but you’re absolutely right. I managed to squeeze 5 different pixies songs into that. I have the multitrack stems for the entire Doolittle album and have been wanting to mash the entire album into a single track.
Maybe one day.

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