Watch this amazing mashup of Van Halen's "Jump" and Hank Williams "Your Cheatin' Heart"

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ok, I often click on these “amazing mashups” to be taken to a video that is amusing for all of 30 seconds. BUT… O M G, this works so damn well!


I’ve watched nearly all of McClintock’s mashups. A lot of them are neat to listen to once just for the novelty. This one is just remarkable. Very worth the listen.

(And real highlight was Danzig’s Mother sung over the music from Donna Summer’s Bad Girls, there’s a huge treat about two-thirds of the way through)


Wow, that does work!

Far better than DLR’s effort to er, jump-start his career by doing pretty much the same thing.



Just FYI: I thought for sure the vocals had to have been modified, and Dave Lynch in the comments of the video confirmed it’s even more impressive than just throwing the two together:

Dave Lynch (Link to comment)
I gotta say, I don’t think the casual listener can begin to appreciate what Mr. McClintock has accomplished here… It’s one thing to alter the pitch and tempo of two songs, isolate certain tracks, and mash those together. Bill is far and away the best in the business when it comes to that.

But THIS particular mashup… if you’re a die hard Van Halen fan, you hear it right away… that’s NOT how DLR sang the song! Bill altered the tempo, cadence and inflection of INDIVIDUAL WORDS from the original vocal track, and did it so skillfully that it comes out sounding completely natural and unedited.

It’s the audio equivalent of a Deep Fake… he turned DLR into a country singer. This is Next Level stuff, even for McClintock. BRAVO, sir.

P.S. am I crazy, or did I hear like 5 notes from the bridge of And The Cradle Will Rock thrown in there? Genius.

To which the creator replied “Yes you did!” :slight_smile:


i am astonished how much l liked this. i mean, i like both separately, but this really is its own, beautiful thing.

I was expecting it would be the other way round-- Hank singing over VH instrumental.

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Aztec Camera FTW! Who would have guessed they would record a version of Jump that was actually a mashup… over a decade before said mashup, brilliant lads, just brilliant.

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I knew instantly because DLR is actually in tune (my vote for worst rock singer of all time)


It’s two shit tastes that taste shit together!

Yes, it’s a technically perfect mashup, but mistake #1: Confusing Hank Williams with his no talent offspring, and mistake #2: Anything David Lee Roth. :face_vomiting:

OK. I made it 44 seconds. And now I will have nightmares.

At some point DLR’s voice just fell apart. He was never a great but he was clear and on pitch in his range back in his heyday. Now it’s just hard to listen to. I often wonder what happened though he shrugs it off. Maybe he is in denial about it or maybe he just can’t really hear the difference between his voice in the day and now.

On the other hand, that Cheatin’ Heart/Jump mashup is just damn brilliant. I have not laughed that hard in months. I will never hear either song the same again.


Hoe.Lee.Shit. That was incredible. I didn’t know manipulation like that was even possible. My only issue is to agree with 1000YearBan - don’t confuse the Great Hank Williams with coat tail ridin’,limited talent son Jr.


Wrong Hank Williams. The original is the original. Jr has existed in the music world because of his father, the one that made the name famous.

I couldn’t make it all the way through, either. DLR’s appearance in that video reminds me of too many fire-and-brimstone fleecers preachers.

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Just to be clear I lasted 44 seconds watching DLR’s appearance on late night with his country version of Jump. In that video Roth is off pitch and hoarse, which is his new singing voice.

Roth’s vocals on the mashup with Cheatin’ Heart music are as good as Roth ever got and make for a very entertaining, IMO, song.

I would now like to hear Hank Williams singing Your Cheatin’ Heart to the music of Jump.

rock and roll has never been about perfect singing voice, it’s about attitude and style, and david lee roth brings both by the bucket, which is why he was (arguably) the best frontman for the band.

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