The Cure vs The Commodores mashup is just like heaven

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Thank you.


Man, that works so well.
The Commodores and Bonnie Tyler?


Loved it!!!

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this has been on my iphone playlist that long? i never get tired of it. so good.

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That is the measure all mashups should be measured against.

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It’s very well made and mixed… But I can’t stand it.

Oh, this old thing? This was my first dance at my wedding! Great song; always good for sharing.

Is it the tune you don’t like or mashups in general. I find people very divided concerning mashups. For some it’s seamless, yet others cannot reconcile the two tunes into one, and the dissonance is like having two different radios playing.

No, I believe that it is this song in specific. I love the OkayPlayer remixes of songs, but this smacks of that kind of treacly soft lobby music that my grandmother would listen to. To be fair…I also feel this way about the carpenters.

Nooooooooooo!!! Not the carpenters.
Just thinking; if I formed a band that did Carpenter covers, I’d call it the Carpeters.

…I’ll get my coat.


This basically sounds like Dexy’s third album. If you haven’t listened to Don’t Stand Me Down, give it a shot.

If you folks like this sort of thing, then this blog will be right up your alley:

IMHO, their monthly selection can be kind of hit or miss, but every now and then there’s something absolutely brilliant (or so absofuckinglutely horribly ear-wormy that it transcends bad…)

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