What makes The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" so great?

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NOW I know why I like that song’s sound! As a total non-musical ability person, these explanations and the easy with which people play and pull out parts of a song leaves me engrossed the entire time. thanks for posting!


Speaking of The Cure. Robert Smith nails it in the latest released single for Gorillaz’ upcoming album


When I was a moody teenager in the 90’s (as opposed to the moody adult I am now :wink: ) I thought I hated 80’s music, largely because of those synth elements. I’m sure it was because I wanted to break away from my childhood experiences. Even so, I was still somewhat being lead around by nose via whatever the current Top 40 sounded like. Then the internet happened, I started discovering obscure things out of left field, and I got clued-in to what good music in the 80’s sounded like by a much cooler relative. Now, maaany years on, my music collection is full of electronic music, including synthpop and New Wave.


such a good song. Something about how the cure mix depression with sort of a upbeat joy really does it for me.


Rick Beato is a real treasure.


I’ve always loved that song. Now I have a deeper appreciation of it.

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His enthusiasm alone is worth every viewing, especially when it’s the music he grew up with.


Dinosaur Jr, that’s what.


It was a very detailed breakdown, and maybe it’s because I don’t understand half of what he’s talking about, but I didn’t come away from that video knowing what makes “Just Like Heaven” great.

…and he did not even talk about the otherworldly beauty of the lyrics.

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That one was a HOOT AND A HALF - the number of times he punched the air and grinned like a teenager was great.


he is speaking a language i totally don’t understand, but i’m with him the entire way as far as the enthusiasm goes. that song is just incredible.

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So what I want to know is, are you going to grab that Rock v. EDM game No Straight Roads?
Or like, deadhand it in the background?

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It’s about going to the seaside and smooching his future wife so hard he hyperventilates and faints. Are you worried about his health or something? I’m pleased to say he’s gone on to live for many years afterwards.

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The visuals are fun, but I haven’t messed with a rhythm-based game since Rock Band. Not too interested.

I feel like I’m missing part of the point of your comment, though. Let me know?

Beato’s son’s perfect pitch needs to be seen to be believed.

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Sorry, just a proximal EDM x Rock thing and at a tour with like 9 bossfights plus the city navigation bit (from what I gather) it wouldn’t aim to hold up with a tour of 9 early Cure (whatever they were called) CDs. Too much steering for retcon fun! Maybe just right for another kind of thirds/fifths format battle.


after 1986 anyway

The fucking Cure, that’s what!

When he was talking about the intro and said something like “it’s over a minute and 20 seconds before the verse comes in” I was yelling at the computer “Because it’s a Cure song, they have to play through all the changes once before he starts singing, you know that!”

Nothing “depressing” about this song either, it’s swooningly romantic and sweet!

Mary + Bob 4 Ever XXX OOO XXX !!!

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