Here are 60 songs from 1999 mixed into 3.5 minutes

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That’s more my era (how come the stuff I didn’t like then now fills me with nostalgia)

I really wasn’t expecting to hear American Football in there

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A mix of all the obnoxious pop songs that the “cool” kids in high school listened to. Yay.

I’ll keep my 90s punk and alt rock and grunge thank you and keep off my old man lawn when I was your age whippersnappers.

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I dropped out of college in 1999 and ended up living in my car that summer. Battling depression and uncertainty about my future, my Walkman became my closest companion as I spent my days hiking and figuring out food, cigarettes and other necessities, and my evenings sneaking into a drive-in theatre on foot to watch whatever was on (the movie audio was broadcast on AM).

A friend had disappeared with my entire collection of punk, ska and electronica cassettes, and from the available radio choices I settled on the pop music station because the upbeat vibe seemed least likely to send me into some self-destructive spiral. I had it playing in my over-the-head, in-ear headphones constantly.

At the end of the summer, I got a dotcom boom job and by 2000 had the most money and responsibility of my life, both to date and since. But I still know all the words to almost all of these songs, and appreciate the reminder of what, in retrospect, was a formative adventure.


I don’t remember one, not one, of these songs. The one I do remember from that year was Tim McGraw’s Something Like That.

1999 was the year my then-wife was cheating on me with her coworker, who was, in turn, cheating on his wife. It was too bad, the in-laws were cool.

For anyone saying ‘I don’t remember any of this shit’ check out their channel for more. They’ve mixed every year starting in 1979. Their 80s Mashups are works of genius.

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